Through this unique mix delivered in a professional industry environment, businesses and talented individuals will be provided with the vital tools and contacts for business growth, and career development. The emphasis is on cooperation, sharing of information and knowledge and innovation.

Working in the collective, all “Partners” retain their full independence whilst committing to contribute to furthering the Hub’s mission and purpose. Which is to become stronger and more performant for the benefits of all its members and ‘Partners’. It is in all our interest for the Hub to do well.  Each Partner will sit on the Hub council which will meet once every three months. It will be one of your contractual obligations to participate and contribute to the growth and development of the collective Hub. 


  • Personal or mobile desk
  • Locked drawers to store your stationery
  • Printer and scanner
  • Email @CreativeHub
  • G-Suite account for all members
  • Unlimited Cloud Drive
  • Ultra fast internet FTTH
  • Reception and customers reception
  • Receipt of physical mail
  • Environment automation management
  • Air conditioning
  • Relax area and garden
  • Cafeteria
  • Catering for meetings and events
  • Bookshop
  • Access to educational or meeting rooms with screens or video projectors
  • Showrooms for events and exhibitions


  • Courses and Events of Higher Education and CPD
  • E-Learning platform
  • Mentoring for business and job interviews
  • Business Networking
  • Marketing services
  • Graphics services
  • Web sites and socials
  • Tax Consultancy
  • B2B Events




  • Professional studio and outdoor photography
  • Product photo services for e-commerce
  • Product catalogues for companies
  • Corporate Photos and Business Photo Portraits for companies and professionalsr
  • Rental room for photo shooting


  • Video shooting in studio and outdoors
  • Commercial videos, music videos, video interviews, videocourses, etc.
  • Tutorial for software
  • Rental room for video shooting
  • Auditorium e Showcase rooms for events, in streaming or in presence
  • Room, hardware and services for VR/AR use
  • Drone services


  • Spaces and services for music production
  • Mastering service for new digital platforms
  • Discography
  • Sound system for visual cine-audio
  • Broadcasting services and radio production
  • Radio store and programming
  • Radio Apps and Cloud
  • Podcasting production and related hosting